Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I put my new misting fountain lamp?

Anywhere and everywhere, in your home or office!  As a conversation piece, try your entranceway (indoors or outdoors!!), your dining room or porch.  When entertaining, place your misting bowl in the center of your dining room table or buffet table as a striking and unique centerpiece.  For relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, yoga or exercise, try locating the bowl in a quiet spot, such as the den or bedroom.  In close proximity to your favorite houseplants is a perfect locale, as plants thrive on the mist.  At night in the bedroom you will experience more restful sleep (the control switch allows you to run the mist without the lights).  And of course, the mist is beneficial for sufferers of allergies, headaches, asthma, sinusitis and other breathing problems as the humidifier and air purification aspects remove allergens, dust, dander, pollen, smoke and odors.  AND, don't forget it is also fun on Halloween!

How does the mister work?

The unit contains a metal and ceramic disk that is vibrated at ultrasonic frequency.  This vibration excites the water molecules turning it to vapor mist.  It does not use dry ice, chemicals or heat so it is safe for your kids and pets. 

How much water do I need to add?

The white rubber piece rising up off the mister unit must be immersed in water to produce mist.  After initially filing the misting bowl, the amount of water you need to add daily depends on the environment - amount of humidity in the room, air flow, sunlight, air conditioning, etc.  Generally, under most conditions, a cup of water is added each day.

What happens if the unit runs out of water?

If the water level drops down, the sensing unit in the mist maker turns off both the lights and the misting unit.  No harm is done.  It starts right up again  when more water is added.

How do I clean my misting lamp?

Depending on conditions in your home or office, you will see dust (and other particles) settle on the edges of the misting bowl and in the water.  You may wipe the bowl with a microfiber cloth or paper towel, and periodically empty out the water, wash the bowl, and refill.  NOTE:  If you do not want to remove the misting unit from the bowl before cleaning, be very careful with the misting unit that (1) it does not crack the bowl during the cleaning process, and (2) that you do not touch the white-colored disk in the center with your fingertips.  (See disk cleaning instructions below.)

How do I clean the metal and ceramic misting disk?

Unplug the mister and dry it off.  Unscrew the shiny collar ring holding the white-colored disk in place (you may use the "key" from the "Replacement Kit" if you have one).  Be sure NOT to scratch the disk or mark it in any way, and never touch the surface of the disk (either side) with your fingers as the oils from your skin can reduce mist output.  Gently clean the disk with a soft cloth or cotton swab - do not use any abrasive cleansers. The disk and mist unit must be perfectly dry before reassembling.  NOTE:  the disk must be inserted properly, with the ceramic ring side down.  Reassemble when dry and restart

Why is the amount of mist is less than before?

The water might be dirty (see above "How do I clean my misting lamp?")  In addition, the white-colored metal and ceramic disk in the center of the misting unit can become contaminated, which reduces it's effectiveness.  This can be from overuse of aromatherapy fragrance oils, oils from your fingertips if you have touched the disk surface, mineral build up or other contaminants in your water source.  First, clean the disk (see below).  If you are using regular tap water, try putting the water through a filter, such as Brita pitcher or an under-counter filter, or using bottled water.  If these suggestions don't work, you probably need a new replacement disk (they last about 3,000 hours).

Can I use aromatherapy oils with the misting humidifier - air purifier?

ABSOLUTELY YES!  VERY IMPORTANT: By using your misting lamp as an aromatherapy diffuser you eliminate burning candles, which give off pollutants they contain from burning petroleum-based paraffin wax.  You need only a tiny amount to add fragrance to the room, or the whole house, so use very sparingly, only a few drops!  Add the fragrance oils directly to the water, but not directly on top of the mister.  The aroma therapy oil will disperse immediately and within seconds the fragrance will be noticeable.  NOTE:  Use only the lighter aromatherapy fragrance oils, not the heavier "essential" aromatherapy oils, which are too heavy to disperse.  Our misting units are oil resistant, but you might need to clean the disk more often (see above instructions).  We sell aromatherapy oils that are safe to use with our misting units.

Is the mister unit safe?

Yes - cats and dogs can even drink the water if you do not use aroma therapy oils in the water!  The mist maker and lights are powered by a low voltage transformer, which plugs into a typical electrical outlet.  The cord between the transformer and misting unit carries low voltage so it will be safe to operate in the moist environment of the humidifier.  You must treat the transformer unit as you would any other household appliance, keeping it indoors, dry, and well ventilated.  Since it runs on low-voltage electricity you will not get an electric shock if you touch the unit.  However, NEVER touch the white-colored disk in the center of the mist maker, as you will feel the ultrasonic vibrations (it may feel like a little shock).  Touching this disk when the mister is not turned on is safe, but you may damage the disk from your fingertip oils.

Are there any special considerations for NOT using a mist maker?

Mist is water vapor which is heavier than air, so you may find that the mist makes the area surrounding the mist maker damp, depending on air flow and humidity in your location.  It is recommend that you NOT place the mist maker in the vicinity of electrical appliances, phones, fabric, polished wood or surfaces that are prone to water spots. 

What is your warranty for the misting lamps?

All purchases are shipped insured, so if the misting bowl is damaged during shipment the damaged items will be replaced for free.  If you are unsatisfied with your misting lamp, return it to us within the first 30 days after purchase for a refund (minus shipping & handling charges).  Call us (561-790-2004) for a return authorization code.  We suggest you insure your shipment.  PLEASE NOTE: Like a light bulb, one part on the misting lamp requires replacement - the misting disk in the center of the mist maker.  If the misting disk fails within the first 30 days from purchase, it will be replaced free. Please read above "Why is the amount of mist less than before?" and "How do I clean the metal and ceramic misting disk?"

How does the misting fountain lamp purify the air and remove dust, pollen, etc.?

The mist is negatively* ionized water, which are negatively charged particles.  The "pollutants" (allergens, dust, dander, pollen, smoke, odors, etc.) are positively charged particles in the air.  The water mist particles (negative ions) adhere to the pollutant particles (positive ions).  They become heavier than the air, and fall to the ground where you vacuum them up!

*NOTE: Negative ions are actually the good ones - they can alter your well-being, just like the mist created at a waterfall, the waves crashing at the beach, rainfall and even your own shower!

Why is there is a whitish stain on my bowl and what can I do?

The white you see is calcium build-up from your water source.  This is more noticeable on a dark colored bowl (Cobalt Blue or Rainforest Green).  This can be removed by wiping with a cloth wet with white vinegar.  To prevent further build-up, switch to bottled or filtered water.

Is the ultrasonic vibration harmful to humans or animals?

No - neither humans or animals can hear the frequency of the ultrasonic vibrations, and the vibrations dissipate within one half inch of the misting disk.

The bowl and little glass cover broke, can I get a replacement?

We only sell replacement misters and disks and no longer carry misting bowls or glass replacement parts. 

There is no light or mist - what can I do?

First check all connections, and make sure the switch is turned on.  Second, the misting disk may need to be cleaned and the water changed if dirty (see instructions above).  If all connections are secure, the switch is ON and the unit is clean but there is still no light or mist, there may be a problem with the switch or transformer - the unit may have been hit with a power surge and may be "blown out." 

Contact us at [email protected] to order a replacement unit 

The red light on top is on, but there are no colors or mist - what can I do?

The water level may be below the sensor (the red light on the rubber ball), so add more water!  The rubber sensor may be damaged or split - once completely dried, you can apply a waterproof glue, being careful to lightly cover the damaged area.  Third, the ceramic disk may be damaged and you should contact us for a replacement ([email protected]).